Villa Baghdad, Yourmouk.
Architecture: Neo- Moorish Architecture, with double skin to minimize heat exposure, arcade on western and southern facades. Minimum use of stones, colored plaster finish.
Interior design: Modern colors and paint techniques never used in Iraq; Marbling and Antique impression. The floor patterns and ceiling ornamentation was derived from Moorish and Islamic Architecture. Bold and Unique with soothing colors and simple classical furniture.
Used local materials, Classical Baghdadi ceiling panels in the entry space, traditional colored glass work for partitions, Spanish and Islamic patterns for circulation ceilings and floors.

Project: Baghdad Villa

Size: Land; 1000 sqm, Built Area; 1000 sqm/2 flrs

Location: Baghdad, Iraq

Status: Completed

Date: 2000 - 2001

Task: Architectural Design & Engineering, Interior Design, Landscaping, Construction, Supervision.

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