Amman Mellinnum City

Project: Amman Mellinnum City

Size: 1.200.000 m2

Location: Amman, Jordan

Year: 2008

Status: Concept Design: The project was envissioned to replace Sport City in Amman, and Turn the 1200 Donum site into Central Park modle urban development with High rise building zone on the preimeter of the park running 4.5KM with major bolevard for shopping and cafes and entertainement and a public park of 700 doums will be the new urban heart of Amman. In return for the Sport City land, the development was envissioned to build new sport city outside Amman with new ammenities and better facilities. This project was proposed as alternative to Alabdali development.

Task: Concept Design, Development Proposal, Feasibility Study.

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