HVAC Systems

HVAC System:  Cooling and Heating systems are one of the most important critical systems in a building. Their cost is significant and the work is extensive. Usually the system includes: Cooling tower installation, Air Handling Units systems, Ducting system ( Supply and Return), Fresh air supply system. Modern systems include air recovery system to reduce energy consumption with Co2 detectors to regulate fresh air supply and temprture sensirs are supplied in order to recycle cool air in stead of venting. 

The Heating System would include Boiler equipments system, Hot Air handling units, connections to supply ducting system, Boiler exhaust system. Air recovery system of hot air in winter.

Very Often in Large buildings with under ground parking, A fresh air supply  and exhaust system must be installed, These systems are provided with Co2 sensors in order to instruct the systems when critical levels are detected. The whole system is integrated with BMS system.

Our Engineers and Associate specialized firms are able to recommend the proper system for client's need. Our team can review, perfom value engineering on recomended systems, and superive installation. 

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